The Best VoIP Integrations to Boost System Value

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You can outclass your competition by adding the best VoIP integrations available to your business. A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system isn’t just a landline phone replacement. It is a communication platform that will transition your company into a modern entity that is ready for remote collaboration, advanced client communication and better productivity.

All of these benefits are made available by VoIP’s native support of technology integrations. Integrations make your phone system compatible with enterprise level software, mobile phone applications and more. They are also available at whatever level your company needs it, and this is a core benefit of a VoIP system – complete customization. 

Here are the integrations that will give your business VoIP system the most added value:

CRM Integration

Connect your digital phone system with CRM software to increase the effectiveness of both. All of the important data added to client profiles is accessed by the VoIP system every time a call is made, giving a complete overview of the company’s history with the client.

Best VoIP systems designed with this integration in mind are compatible with all major CRMs, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Zoho. Your employees will never have to fumble through incompatible systems to solve customer problems and clients will never be frustrated by being asked the same question twice.

Advanced Analytics

Integration tools don’t just make it easier for your employees to do their jobs. It also makes it easier for you to see what is working and what isn’t by integrating advanced analytics tools with the installation of a VoIP system.

Call times, wait times, caller hang ups are all reviewed, letting you know what is going on in a glance. You can see which agents are having the most success resolving customer issues and use those achievements to implement training programs to improve the entire team’s performance. Detailed reports give you an opportunity to learn what’s going on over the phones and make better decisions.

Cloud Communication

The biggest issue that small businesses are dealing with today is how to manage remote workers. Companies that have done business out of an office for years are now rethinking how they collaborate and serve customers.

A VoIP system is able to integrate with cloud storage solutions that allow your teams to share files and customer data on a secure network that employees can access from anywhere. Video conferencing tools supplement this service, meaning that your team can work on projects and share ideas just as they would coming to work each day.

Click to Dial

While enabling successful remote work is an important step in preparing your business for the future, eventually your team will return to the office. When they do so, there are exciting VoIP integrations that will make your staff more efficient from their desks than ever before.

One such improvement is click to dial integration. Since VoIP calls are digital, they do not require a traditional phone to make calls. Instead, employees can make calls directly from their workstation’s desktop. Click to dial lets them make calls from a browser, contact lists or CRMs. Client follow ups always go to the right number and team members have any information they need at their fingertips.

eFax and SMS

There is a wide variety of communication technologies that integrate seamlessly with VoIP tools. If you are in an industry that still relies on fax messaging for sharing important document, you may be wondering how to include these services. Thankfully, eFax integration will replace any need for a fax line and is compatible with a traditional fax machine.

In addition, many customers, especially younger ones, prefer to send and receive texts about appointments and other notices. A VoIP system can send automatic reminder texts and process confirmation responses, making sure that you never miss a client communication due to incompatible messaging ever again.

Using the Best VoIP Integrations Improves Your Business

Don’t limit your business with a legacy phone system. Enable your staff and your technology to better serve your clients by using the best VoIP system integrations available. Learn more about what a VoIP system can do for your business by contacting a BIZFORCE digital communication specialist today.

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