5 Ways a Legacy Telephone System Costs Your Business Money

While the world shifts to a more digital platform, your company may still depend on a traditional telephone system to handle communication. Your employees know how to use it, its been there forever, and it seems to get the job done. Why should you change it now?

legacy business telephone system

Unfortunately, there is a chance that these systems may be doing more harm than they are good. Let’s look at some of the ways that an outdated telephone system may be losing money for your company.

Maintenance Cost

Maintenance cost is one of the first things you can examine to determine if your company’s telephone system is providing value for your company. As the system ages, the components that keep it operational become obsolete. This drives up their price and means that every fix bleeds a little more from your profit margin.

In addition, the technicians who specialize in repairing them become fewer and fewer, allowing them to charge a premium to install these rare parts. As digital communication tools become the standard, the parts needed to keep them working and the experts who maintain them become a more affordable option.

Unable to Support Remote Work

Remote productivity tools have come to dominate the modern workforce, and even more so in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. Traditional phone lines only have basic teleconferencing tools and employees must find workarounds to access collaboration software that comes standard on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies.

The fact that your employees have to invest their time finding ways to work against the communication tools they use to do their jobs is a hit to productivity right off the bat. Your telephone system should work for your company, not against it. If it fails to do that it is costing the business money.

Limited Support for Mobile Staff Members

While remote work may be only temporary for your company, being tied to a desk in an office is no longer the only way for employees to be productive. If your sales team needs to return to the office to receive important messages from a landline phone system, they are missing opportunities to accomplish their main objective – making sales.

This is important because we live in a world where this is no longer required. Everyone has a mobile phone on them today, whether your company provides it or not. The tools are there, and your staff has at least a basic idea of how to use them. Restricting their success because of an antiquated telephone network is counterproductive and keeps your business from being competitive.

Difficult to Manage Messaging

Older phone systems depend on outdated interfaces to accomplish messaging. We are all so familiar with touchscreen and their easy, intuitive interfaces that it can be easy to forget that transferring calls and delivering messages relied on coded line transfers that could only use twelve buttons.

This is problematic when you consider that younger generations have no experience with these systems. Training people to navigate an outdated message platform can be costly – both in the time it takes to get them up to speed and for the messages lost during that time.

Unable to Integrate With Modern Tools

Using an old telephone system that cannot integrate with the digital systems that modern businesses use keeps you from accessing important data. Modern VoIP systems can track calls, record metrics, and deliver all of the analytics that you need to see how your business is performing.

Depending on old technology isolates it from the rest of your business. While it may seem easy to just leave things as they are, ignoring the communication tools that connect your team members together and create a pathway to clients leaves your company in the dark.

Upgrade to Modern Communication Networks to Elevate Your Business

Don’t let outdated telephone systems cost your company money. Make a modern communication network do the work for your business and increase productivity for your entire company. Sign up for our upcoming webinar and see what new business telephone technology has to offer your business.

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