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BIZFORCE provides enterprise level service to small and mid-sized practices, businesses and firms at a reasonable price, while making costs more predictable.  Our clients’ IT environments are fully customized to fit their needs and budgets—providing appropriate solutions that make managing IT, simple.


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From computers, networks, and telephone systems to credit card machines and security systems, we either manage the technology itself or the vendor who provides it. We’ll take care of it, so you can focus on your business.


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With worldwide IT spending projected to total nearly $4 trillion in 2019, organizations of all sizes and in all industries continue to focus on boosting productivity while reducing costs. That often means taking a good hard look at where the dollars dedicated to IT...

IT Uptime is Critical for Good Productivity

Retaining Operational Productivity If systems are down, you're playing catchup, and depending on your industry, this can get incredibly expensive--$5,600 a minute, according to Working with professional tech groups to retain uptime is absolutely...

7 Scenarios to Manage Windows 7 End of Life

Innovative technology advances at the speed of light. You purchase a new smartphone only for it to become obsolete in a very short time. If it’s a personal smartphone, that has little negative impact - just an annoyance and an additional expense. It can happen to...

How to Calculate Uptime in the IT Environment

EOL, Managed IT Services, And Uptime: A Cord Of Three Strands Windows 7 hits EOL (End Of Life) on January 14, 2020. This poses an extreme risk to many businesses, and the transition may result in uptime reduction, which in turn increases operational cost. There's a...

Windows 7 EOL Preparation: Ounce Of Prevention Avoids Pound Of Cure

Proactive IT Management Safeguards Your SMB Gordon Moore observed something during the infancy of modern computation. The rate at which computers could process information increased on itself at a predictably exponential rate. This observation came to be known as...