Weave: Announcing a Cutting Edge Patient Communication System for Dental Offices

The dental profession is no stranger to challenges or the changing technologies that help deal with them. As a business, a dental practice may look well-run and profitable to its patients, but few think about what goes into the practice’s success. Nowadays, a well-functioning and innovative patient communication system has become a necessity for a successful practice.

Dental professionals know just how much work goes into building a steady client base, managing insurance billing, and hiring and managing competent, friendly, and professional staff.

Of these challenges, perhaps the most challenging of all is fostering communication with patients.

Patient Communication Challenges for Dentists

A recent study found that for two years running, dentists topped the list of health providers Americans want to see more often. Yet people also report one of their biggest dissatisfactions with going to the dentist is poor communication. Since improving the patient experience is good for both patients and your practice, finding a better way to accomplish goals like balancing appointments and reducing no-shows is a wise move.

Benefits of the Weave Patient Communication System

What is a patient communication system, and how can it bring value to your dental practice?

Today, nearly all dentists use the latest technologies in their practices, with digital readiness becoming just as important to dental offices as it has to other industries. A patient communication system helps your practice by:

  • Improving your front desk staff’s productivity on the phone.
  • Streamlining processes like appointment reminders.
  • Communicating with patients the way they prefer, such as texting and mobile fax.
  • Simplifying payment processing and patient reviews.

Dental practices, just like other professional service providers, can benefit from developing a digitally ready workforce. A patient communication system brings harmony to your practice and provides patients, particularly Millennials, with the personalized, easy service they prefer.

Features of the Weave Communication System

Weave Dental is a complete business toolbox that interfaces with phones, messages, scheduling, payments, in-house communications, analytics, email marketing, patient reviews, and more. It works by integrating a state-of-the-art VoIP phone system with your dental practice’s management software. Built for measurable success, it offers a host of features designed to keep your practice running smoothly. It can:

  • Reduce appointment cancellations by up to 9 percent.
  • Cut missed calls by 10 percent.
  • Triple new patient acquisition.
  • Increase monthly appointments by 15 percent.

Front desk staff also become more productive on the phone and can more easily and quickly pull up patient information. Today, Weave Dental is used by more than 13,000 customers, the vast majority of which are dental practices. Dentists who use it report a high level of satisfaction and say it helps improve patient engagement at their practices.

Key features of Weave include:

  • Two-way and missed call texting ensure you never miss another phone call to your office.
  • An online review process that lets a patient respond to automated text communications right from their phone.
  • Team chat that makes communication faster, more effective, and more enjoyable for your practice’s staff.
  • A smart phone service that connects to useful apps and makes your office phone more relevant in a digital age.

Is This Weave System Right for You?

With digital technologies playing an ever-increasing role in dental practices, you need the latest tools that help your practice grow and satisfy customer demands. That’s why we’re continually evolving our IT support services to provide our clients with the best possible technology solutions.

BIZFORCE is pleased to announce it’s joined forces with Weave to support its premier patient communication software. When it’s time to modify the ways you interact with patients, deliver services, and secure revenue, Weave’s patient communication system provides the flexibility you need to adapt to fast-paced changes in patient expectations. As part of your office’s overall IT environment, it:

  • Keeps your dental practice running effortlessly.
  • Helps you better communicate with current patients.
  • Drives growth.

As an IT Provider, BIZFORCE’s association with Weave is part of a coordinated effort to streamline your dental practice operations while paving the way for maximum efficiency for you and your staff to provide state-of-the-art service to your patients.

Ready to schedule a free demo or consultation to learn more about Weave’s cutting-edge patient communication system for dental offices? Our experts are here to help you decide if Weave is the right technology solution for your dental practice.

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