How a Modern Phone System Makes Your Business More Profitable

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If you run a business that depends on a legacy phone system to interact with clients and enable team collaboration, you’ve probably encountered some frustrations. Components get difficult to replace, technicians go out of business, and teleconferencing gets more complicated. But you may wonder, how can a modern phone system be any better?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems come with loads of features and would require new infrastructure. Making the shift is intimidating and seems expensive. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Let’s take a look at four capabilities provided by VoIP systems, such as those offered by Digium and Sangoma Switchbox, that will make your company more efficient while helping your profit margin.

Mobile Application for Modern Phone System

One of the most exciting features of a VoIP modern phone system is the ability to integrate with other pieces of modern technology in ways that a landline system cannot. A VoIP system provided by Sangoma, for example, is compatible with a variety of programs utilized by small businesses, including:

  • Microsoft Teams – VoIP can make and receive calls from inside of Teams’ interface for faster employee communication.
  • Salesforce – Integrated business telephone systems match calls with client information stored in Salesforce while sending call data back into the Salesforce system.
  • Zendesk – Call information is applied to customer service tickets and with timestamps, call duration logs, and caller id information. 

Even if your company doesn’t use these programs, that doesn’t mean it can’t find value in VoIP mobile applications. The software also integrates with browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox for in-browser call completion. The phone system even pairs with Google Maps to let your team members identify where a call is coming from based on area code information.

Soft Phones for Laptops

Digital business telephone systems tie into the tools your team uses every day in a way that a traditional landline system is incapable of. A great example of how close your company’s phone system and workstations can work together is seen in softphones, which can be connected either to an employee’s laptop or desktop computer. 

Softphones enable users to make and receive calls using an operating system extension that connects to their Mac OS or Windows computer. This means that whenever your employees have access to their computers and an internet connection, they have full access to their entire digital phone system. Softphones allow for one-on-one screen sharing and conferencing, so remote collaboration becomes a breeze.

Modern eFax Capabilities

Another difficulty for small business owners today is how to handle their fax systems. While there are a lot of digital alternatives to using a fax machine available today, many businesses are invested in their fax machine infrastructure. Others are in an industry where faxes are a routine part of daily operations. How can a modern phone system work with these machines?

The answer is a lot easier than you might think. Fax over Internet provided by Sangoma provides a full-featured fax over internet protocol (FoIP) solution that is compatible with all standard fax machines. These preprogrammed solutions let your company begin faxing using a digital line immediately and can save your company from the expenses incurred by adding an extra PSTN line. 

Video Conferencing Solutions

The world has become increasingly dependent on the ability of coworkers to collaborate whether they are in the office or not. One of the key enablers of this shift is the increase in effective video conferencing. Built into the digital phone system are remote conferencing technologies which may be nonexistent in a traditional phone infrastructure.

We’ve already gone over some of the one-on-one video chat and screen sharing solutions provided by VoIP technology. Digital phone systems are capable of much more, however, including full videoconferencing technology. These tools are useful whether you need to hold an all-staff meeting, a salesperson hosts a client forward webinar, or your managers are hosting a daily team round up.

Digital tools enable and empower your team while saving your company money from having to invest in outside videoconferencing technology.

A Modern Phone System Enables Your Company For Success

Bring your company into the modern age by investing in a VoIP phone infrastructure. No matter how comfortable your legacy phone system seems for your company, you’ll find a way that a digital system can improve your process and save your company money. Contact our digital phoneline solutions experts to learn how your business can benefit from new VoIP technology.

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