Four Ways Recorded Call Data Enhances Customer Service

Recorded call data can be the difference between having a quality assurance process and not. Without call data, there’s no real way to audit how effective your calls to customers are. Regardless of whether they’re for sales calls, customer service, or prospecting.

But recording call data effectively requires making the switch from old legacy phone systems to a digital one. That’s a move many businesses have been slow to make.

Moving from a legacy phone system to modern Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology can be an intimidating proposition. After all, your business has managed to get by so far with a normal landline-based system, why should you invest in something new?

There are a variety of improvements that a VoIP system can offer to your business and your team, however.  Some of these are financial, while others help give your customers a better experience. Let’s look at four ways that your business can enhance customer service by using recorded call data provided by a VoIP phone system.

Compatibility With Software Solutions

One of the most important ways that VoIP technology helps improve your customers’ experience is by integrating with the programs your company currently uses to track customers.

Software compatibility means that your team members are able to make calls directly from those programs and calls from existing customers will be recognized, allowing for quick call resolution. A few of the tools that are compatible with VoIP systems include:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • Google Drive

If your team depends on these tools to manage contacts and organize customer information, they’ll have a leg up on the competition. As soon as a repeat contact is made the employees you have managing calls will have full access to the customer history, saving time and minimizing client frustration.

Recorded Call Details for Quality Assurance

A digital phone system comes equipped with the ability to record details about individual phone calls that would require a significant investment of resources to track on a legacy phoneline. The system records dial times, rings before pickup and transfers while logging all of this information in a database accessible by phone techs or managers at any time.

This allows team members to do a deep dive into phone calls that could have gone better, identify what issues occurred and when and improve their overall process to avoid future issues. These reports can be specified to blocks of customers or isolated by team members, to identify which phone techs are providing the best service and help the rest of the team learn from their success.

Reports to Identify Call Trends

While the ability to access detailed records helps improve call performance on an individual level, reports on general call information guides the overall customer service strategy. A VoIP phone system generates reports on the number of incoming and outgoing calls. Reporting can include talk time, call duration, lost calls, hold time and many other metrics that you can use to make informed decisions.

Available at any time, these reports help answer questions about how your business is interacting with customers over the phone. A Sangoma VoIP solution prepares this information either as raw data direct from the phone system itself, a chart organized by desired categories, or as an Excel spreadsheet that is customizable to your needs.

In addition, scheduling capabilities in the VoIP software will send you these reports on set days of the month. This makes review of this crucial data a part of your routine instead of a quarterly chore.

Better Training and Compliance

All of these improvements allow you to set up a training program that will ensure that the employees answering the phone know exactly how to handle your customer’s problems. Developing a more effective training program, identifying pain points for customers and isolating areas for improvement is easier than it ever was with a legacy phone system.

Not only can this help improve the overall customer experience, but with better training you help ensure compliance with whatever rules or restrictions your industry manages. This is especially crucial if your company operates within the healthcare, financial or construction business. In these sectors incomplete compliance can jeopardize your company’s reputation and incur heavy financial penalties. With better training using call data, your company will be secure while your clients stay happy.

Elevate Your Companies Recorded Call Data With VoIP

Give the best customer service to ensure the strongest client relationships and maximize profits with a digital phone system. Bring your landline system to the modern age with a VoIP solution by contacting our experts in phoneline and technology integration today to learn what we can do for your organization.

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