How VoiP Phone Systems Support Team Productivity

VoiP phone systems are now standard fare for bringing productivity to offices. They are popular because a productive team works efficiently, hitting targets and satisfying client expectations. All of these positive attributes benefit the bottom line. However, sometimes the basic systems that hold your company back are the easiest to overlook.

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If your company depends on a legacy landline phone system, it is spending money on outdated technology and communication lines that it shouldn’t. It also may be keeping your team from achieving their highest levels of efficiency. Let’s take a look at how a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service supports team productivity and enables your company to reach its highest potential.

Unified System for Remote Team Members and Office Staff

One of the most pressing concerns of the modern business world is how to maintain productivity between remote workers and office staff members. While there have been great strides made in team management software and online conference programs, one thing that will stop remote work dead in its tracks is an inaccessible phone system.

A VoIP phone system designed to integrate with desktop computers and mobile devices makes calls that reach your company accessible from anywhere. Employees who split their time between the office and their homes can make and receive calls regardless of location and fully remote workers have access to the same tools as the office staff.

Team Members Focus on the Business, Not the Phones

A VoIP phone system is hands down easier to use than a legacy phone system. While your business may have a lot of experience training employees to transfer calls and navigate a touchtone messaging system, a modern phone system will increase productivity through simplicity.

The intuitive interface provided by VoIP means your team will no longer have to spend time training new hires and dealing with frustrations like dropped calls. Integration with modern devices means that calls can be made from tools like Salesforce, Google Chrome and even customer service software without having to extract customer data manually.

In addition to enabling easier access to data, all voice and video functions are handled by the VoIP software. This means that your team members will be able to do their jobs and interact with clients seamlessly, without the headache of dealing with an archaic landline phone system.

VoIP Phone Systems Enable Mobility

A landline phone system, even one optimized to interact with modern technologies, is still built on a physical infrastructure that requires someone in the office. A client facing employee may have calls going to their desk that they won’t see until they arrive back at work, missing opportunities and slowing the whole team down.

This is not an obstacle with a VoIP phone system. No matter where a key team member is, they can be cued in to speak with a client or solve a problem. This means you can deploy your team to where they need to be and not have to worry about them missing an important phone call.

Modern Phones Means Complete Compatibility

With a VoIP system, you can rest assured that your phones will be able to engage with any business or client on an even playing field. You’ll have access to the technology that enables long distance conference calls, file sharing and calendar programs to increase productivity across the board.

Don’t worry if your peers depend on a legacy system, by the way. A VoIP system is compatible with landline conferencing and can even be adapted for a fax network. Whatever communication challenge your business has to face, a VoIP infrastructure will help your company rise to the occasion.

Increase Team Productivity with VoIP

Make sure your business is ready to take on the competition while delivering top tier customer satisfaction by investing in a VoIP phone system. Contact BIZFORCE to learn how our experts can help your business make the transition today.

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