A VoIP System is the Future of Your Business Communication

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Ready or not, remote work is here to stay and a VoIP System is the best option as an engine to efficiently power it for your business. While the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the pace at which businesses are integrating work from home solutions into their workflow, in truth the change has been coming for the last decade.

If your company depends on a legacy hardwired phone system, you may have noticed that it is no longer capable of handling the demands that remote collaboration requires. That is why a Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, system, is a cornerstone investment in the future of your business’ communications infrastructure.

A VoIP System Supports Remote Work Worldwide

Even before the coronavirus pandemic the shift toward remote collaboration was well underway. In 2018, Fast Company published a study in which hiring managers reported that they expected 38% of their staff to work primarily from a remote location within ten years. While some companies saw this change on the horizon, for others it can be hard to justify the cost and effort of installing a new phone system to support out of office personnel.

However, It isn’t just employees that businesses need to be able to interact with digitally. Important meetings with partners and clients are now often handled using remote communication tools as well. Landline systems do not support the multitude of functionality that modern consumers expect. A VoIP system designed from the ground up to interact with any remote collaboration tools your clients use keeps you on the same page as the rest of the industry.

Unify Communication with VoIP System

A VoIP system takes all of the components of your old communication technology and places them in one platform. Supported functions include:

  • Messaging
  • eFax
  • Voice Calls
  • File Sharing
  • Video Conferencing

Having all of the tools in one place lets remote employees collaborate as if they were in the same room. Efficient, easy teamwork software helps improve the effectiveness of out of office workers and lets them accomplish tasks and meet their goals.

Having a single location for all communication tools also means improvements to customer care. Experts are no longer tethered to a desk and can travel where they are needed. Your company’s ability to respond to customer’s issues will increase and a mobile, connected workforce will always be accessible.

A VoIP Investment Moves the Company to the IoT

Installing a VoIP system is an important step to take to build a working IoT, or Internet of Things. The IoT is a technology concept that strives to connect all electronic devices in an environment to a network to be securely accessed by authorized individuals from anywhere.

While this may seem like an ambitious goal for many small businesses, it yields important benefits for communication. Employees can make calls directly from their workstation desktops using information taken from customer databases such as Salesforce. Meanwhile, field techs can access their voicemail while on a call, ensuring they never miss an important service issue ever again.

In addition, the IoT helps support other important aspects of your company’s infrastructure. For example, a reduction in your on-site staff may have you worried about office security. By connecting systems such as cameras and locks to the IoT, you ensure that your office and the information stored within remains secure even when there are fewer people around to keep an eye on it.

Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in VoIP

The reality is that remote work will be an integral part of the workplace for the foreseeable future. While switching from a landline system to a digital platform may seem like a challenge, doing so will help your company’s productivity now and prepare your business for the future.

Take the first step towards an untied communication system by investing in a VoIP system. To learn more about how you can transition your office to a modern phone solution, contact the digital communication experts at BIZFORCE.

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