Weave: The Communication Platform That Boosts Efficiency for Medical and Dental Offices

Independent medical practices and dental offices face bigger challenges than ever. To avoid being snapped up by large enterprises, they need impeccable customer service along with quality care. But back-end issues in the office can make day-to-day operations inefficient, affecting patients and staff.

Technology-driven efficiency is changing the way people do business, and they want to see that speed and responsiveness from their healthcare providers. Unfortunately, many practices and dentist offices continue to use a patchwork of communication tools that rarely work well together.

A Unified Communications Platform Is the Solution for Small Healthcare Providers

Every day, your office deals with a fire hose of patient requests. Each produces data your team must act on. The smallest oversight can drive patients elsewhere and harm your brand through poor reviews. What’s more, turnover can result when staff doesn’t feel supported by appropriate resources.

It’s no longer enough to take an ad hoc approach and fill gaps in your communication tools after they fail. With a unified communications platform, you can elevate customer service, raise revenue, and reduce problems – including simple human error – practically overnight.

More medical practices and dental offices are choosing Weave.

With the Weave software suite, you can:

1. Keep Schedules Full with Less Effort

Managing patient appointments is a breeze with Weave. Not only can you see and update appointments easily, the system provides patient reminders and self-service solutions for cancels and reschedules. If a patient cancels, you can instantly communicate with another patient to take the open slot.

2. Accelerate and Simplify Patient Payment

Complicated payment processes lead to delays, which can ultimately cause a breakdown of the patient relationship. Weave centralizes billing so patients can pay current bills or review past ones in seconds. It’s a one-click solution that effortlessly connects patients to additional help whenever they need it.

3. Expand Your Digital Marketing Reach

In the weeks and months between patient encounters, how can you deepen the relationship? Weave puts best in class digital marketing tools at your fingertips. Using text, email, and review follow-up, you can truly connect with patients – making them more likely to book follow-ups and adhere to treatment.

4. Seamlessly Integrate Multiple Communications Channels

An omnichannel strategy makes patients’ lives easier, but it can be a headache for your office. Weave is the way to make omnichannel a snap. Mobile, text, website, and telephone communications options all complement each other. Features are built for full interoperability, so nothing is ever lost.

If your office isn’t performing the way you’d like it to, Weave can transform the way you do business. On average, Weave users save time and money. You can cut back on other software and their hefty fees – getting a unified communications toolkit that always works exactly as expected.

Contact us today to find out more about Weave and discover if it’s right for you.

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