Two IT Security Threats Your Business Must Address NOW

At the start of 2021, both Apple and Microsoft customers face threats that require immediate attention. Apple has released updates for immediate use to protect against a specific threat. Microsoft Office 365 users must be on guard from a targeted phishing email scam. 

Apple Warns of Potential for Hackers to Remotely Access Devices

Apple addresses a “remote attacker” security threat by pushing an urgent software update for users of specified devices to protect their customers.

One issue involves the web browser rendering engine, WebKit. If exploited, a hacker could gain remote access to a vulnerable device.

According to Katie Moussouris, CEO and founder of cybersecurity firm Luta Security, an attacker could gain control of your phone. “You’ve zombified that device. You are controlling it from a distance”.

She further explained that since this vulnerability associates with your internet browser, “Your regular web browsing may cause you to be held compromised, without having to do really much of anything else and that’s a problem.”

Microsoft Office 365 Users Targeted by Phishing Email

Top-level company executives are being targeted in an email phishing scheme.  An email that appears to come from Microsoft warns of Office 365 password expiration. By clicking on a link presented within these emails to update login information, unsuspecting victims inadvertently hand over their account details to criminals.

What You Should Do Immediately

If you’re using Apple devices, you should check for the latest updates for your devices. You should use their support services to learn details.

If you are using Microsoft Office 365, do not click links within emails to access your account. Accessing any online account directly from your web browser and NEVER via a link provided within ANY email is already a benchmark security practice you should have in place and would be a way to avoid this particular threat.

Discuss these issues with your IT Support team to address your specific technology security needs. 

Ongoing IT Security is Essential

These two incidents serve as examples of the constant barrage of threats to businesses. While these two issues give you a chance to take precautions, there usually is no warning for cyber attacks.   It’s an essential practice to have a dedicated team that monitors your business IT environment. Many companies choose Managed Services to protect them regardless of whether they have an internal IT support solution. By relying on such services, there is always a reliable layer of protection from sudden security threats.

Do you Need Help?

If you’re not sure what to do, sign up for our complimentary IT assessment. We’ll provide expert advice specific to your situation.  You’ll receive a complete picture of how to protect your business IT infrastructure.

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