We are excited to let you know what’s happening at BIZFORCE! 

Our company is quickly becoming the vision of which I have always dreamed!  We are fortunate to have been on a continuous growth path for the past 9 years and now our next phase is beginning!

Here are some highlights:

  • We moved into a new 5,700 square foot facility that is perfect for us.
  • We are building out the facility to be a cutting-edge environment that supports our team in delivering the best IT experience to you.
  • We have improved our internal IT infrastructure by adding some of the best hardware and software tools available.
  • We have added 4 new people in the last 2 months.

Please join me in welcoming: 

  • Desi Desiderio – Vice President of Sales and Marketing
    Desi comes to us with a formidable background in many areas of technology, media, corporate consulting and sales training.

    He’s also a mean pianist!

  • Amanda Spellman – Computer Technician
    Amanda comes to us with background in customer service and an education in Network Engineering, Cyber Security and Computer Science.

    Amanda has tons of energy and is nuts about animals!

  • Lydia Pinkston – Tier 2 HelpDesk Analyst 
    Lydia comes to us with vast IT, Business Telephony, Training and Helpdesk experience. Her education is in Network Engineering.

    Lydia loves nature and is an avid camper!

  • Lisa Isbell – Inbound Marketing Shop
    Lisa joins our current marketing team. Lisa comes to us with broad experience in media, sales, web development and digital marketing.

    Lisa is fascinated with horseback riding, genealogy, and history

Our new additions are highly qualified, believe in our BIZFORCE Core Values and are driven and inspired by a deep desire to help other people!  I am thrilled to have them on our team!

Stay tuned!  More coming soon!