Malicious Email Alert: Does Microsoft Really Have Pending Emails for You to Download?

Written by Chuck Rutenberg

September 18, 2019

We want you to be aware of a security risk that is circulating via email.

An email message is circulating that gives you the impression that Microsoft has pending emails for you to download (see sample below). The email is likely to include links.

In the image shown here, we have removed the links for security reasons and indicated where they appear. If you receive an email like the one shown, do not reply to it or click any links it contains. DO NOT BE FOOLED, THIS IS A MALICIOUS EMAIL!

Below is an actual photo of the malicious email.

What Should You Do If You Receive a Suspicious Email?

  • Of course, do not open any email that looks suspicious if you see it in the preview screen.
  • If you’ve already opened it, be sure not to take any actions it asks for and do not click on any links or download any attachments.
  • Report it immediately to your IT Department or your IT Services Provider. If you do not have designated IT support, you can try contacting support services you may have with your email service provider.
  • You should receive direction on when and how to delete the email to make sure it’s gone and the depth of the threat it may represent to your business has been identified.
  • Notify your entire staff to be on the lookout for similar versions of the same email. It isn’t unusual for multiple people within an organization to receive the same email.

This is just one example of hundreds of ways email can represent a vulnerability to your business. Make sure you have a plan and resources in place to recognize and address these types of cyber threats.

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