The Benefits of Two-Step Authentication


Two-factor authentication offers multiple levels of security and is a great way to prevent hackers from breaking into your system. Medical offices and financial institutions often implement two-factor authentication to protect the confidential data that is held within their IT system. By using multiple methods of authentication, it becomes more difficult for hackers to breach their systems. Using two-factor authentication reduces the risk that information contained in the company’s files will be accessed by an unauthorized user or misused in any way. While there is no perfect solution to cyber attacks, multi-level authentication is a good step in the right direction.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication involves using two separate and distinct methods of verification to prove the authenticity of the person who is trying to access the system. It’s essential to avoid using commonly known information like birthdays, initials, or addresses. When using two-factor authentication, choose numbers or names that are easy for you to remember but not commonly associated with you or your family. It’s best if you can simply use randomly generated alpha-numeric codes that have no relevance or connection to anything connected with you or your position.

Types of Authentication

There are several different methods that can be used to authenticate a user and allow them to access an account. A password or PIN is normally the most common. Security questions are another. You can also use something you have access to such as your telephone, an email, or a text message. There are also biometric methods of authentication such as voice/facial recognition, an eye scan, or a fingerprint. In some cases, a key card can be swiped and a passcode that is unique to the individual may need to be typed in to obtain access.

How Is It Used?

Using two-step authentication is easy and actually takes very little time. Whether you use a key card and passcode or a PIN and an authentication app, the entire process takes a matter of seconds to ensure secure entry into your database or computer system. Every company is different. Your staff may be better able to use the app and a pin or security question. In some cases, the authentication steps may be different for managers than they are for general office staff. The best thing about using any type of multiple level authentication programs is that it can be set up to best suit your company’s individual needs.

The Benefit of Using An Authentication App

Apps aren’t dependent on your cellular carrier and are harder to hack than a text message. Because the apps are independent of a cellular network, they will work even if your service doesn’t. Another benefit is that the codes the apps use will expire in a very short period of time, usually less than a minute. While no level of security is bulletproof, using apps, passcodes, and other types of factors for multi-level authentication, you can reduce your risk of cyber attacks and keep your information as secure as possible. Two-factor authentication that uses multiple forms of identification will improve your security and make it much harder for unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your confidential information. When properly set up, multi-level authentication is extremely easy to use. It does not require an exorbitant amount of time and, once in place, will be get easier to navigate with each use. Even though there is no perfect defense against cyber attacks, using multiple steps to verify each employee’s identity reduces your risk and creates a safer, more secure network. Your IT team will be able to evaluate your company’s needs and create the perfect multi-level authentication program to protect your sensitive information.

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