Securing your Remote Workers IT Environment during the COVID19 Pandemic – CHECKLIST

Use this checklist of basics to guide you in making sure your IT environment remains secure when some or all of your staff are working outside the office.

cover-19 is forcing businesses to secure IT networks for remote workers

These are the basics:

  1. Take a picture of your computer/phone (if applicable) connections before unplugging and moving it to a new location.
  2. Take all needed cables, surge protectors, etc.
  3. Make sure all updates and patches have been installed
  4. Make sure you have updated anti-virus and anti-malware tools
  5. Make sure your anti-virus and anti-malware software is configured correctly
  6. Uninstall any unnecessary software (if personally owned computer)
  7. Always use a VPN (dedicated network) for remote connection to the office
  8. Turn-off the automatic connection option to your WIFI
  9. Use a reputable, encrypted system or manager for passwords. 
  10. Change passwords often to increase security
  11. Make sure your passwords are complex
  12. Secure your DNS settings on your computer
  13. Update your softphone software if applicable
  14. Ensure secure browser configurations and consider using Firefox or Chrome as your preferred browser
  15. Always avoid clicking any link that you are not sure it is legitimate
  16. Notify your IT person or provider if you see any unusual behavior from your computer
  17. Make sure all work is being saved to a location that is setup for nightly backups

Of course, having your IT services provider assist you with the items on this checklist will make things easier for you.

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