Is it Time for Your Law Firm to Switch to Managed IT Services?

When the American Bar Association released its latest ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, there was some good news and quite a bit of not-so-good news. Even though 57% of those responding said their firms budget for technology, when you look at the responses from smaller firms, 66% of solo practitioners and nearly 40% of firms with up to nine attorneys did not budget for technology.

Since today nearly all law firms use technology in their practices, those numbers indicate many are, basically, winging it. That means when their technology fails, time and money in the form of billable hours can slip through the cracks. If IT management in your firm falls to a lawyer, paralegal, or office administrator who happens to be the most tech savvy employee, it may be time to consider switching to managed IT services.

Is Your Law Firm in Need of Managed IT Services?

Law firms face unique IT challenges, including protecting themselves from ever-increasing cyber threats. Most practices do not have the resources to hire an in-house IT expert to handle the technology responsibilities the firm faces. Here are five indications that signal you probably need managed IT services for your firm.

  1. Frequent downtime. Whether it’s forgotten passwords, server failure, or an app that’s not responding, does your firm have a significant number of instances where users cannot access the data they need?
  2. Apps that run at a snail’s pace. Are you tapping your fingers or heading to the break room to grab a cup of coffee while you wait for an app to do its thing?
  3. Poor integration of LOB apps. Is frustrated a good way to describe how your feel about the way your line-of- business applications interact with standard tools like Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more?
  4. Systems vulnerability. Is your firm lagging when it comes to IT security measures that protect your client data and case information?
  5. Following a break/fix model. If you have an internal IT person or staff, do they spend more time putting out fires than they do helping your firm get more out of its information technology?

If you can answer yes to even one of these questions, partnering with a managed services provider can relieve you from the inconvenience of IT support so you can focus on running your firm.

Benefits of Managed Services for Law Firms

An experienced and trusted managed services provider helps your firm stay on top of all things IT so you can devote your time to building your client base and giving your existing clients the attention they deserve. Here are other benefits your firm can enjoy by working with an MSP (Managed Services Provider).

  • Technical expertise. Whether it’s threats from hackers, vulnerabilities like weak password management, or risks such as down time and compliance failure, you need immediate IT support when things go wrong. An experienced MSP provides unlimited access to technical experts who act as an extension of your business and guide you to the right solutions.
  • Protected security practices. It only takes one security breach to put your firm’s reputation and revenue on the line. Having the right security procedures in place is critical, particularly as more firms are embracing remote work where staff uses their own devices. An MSP with legal experience cannot only secure your IT infrastructure and processes, it can train employees in safe practices .
  • Ongoing compliancy. The processes and protocols required for a law firm to remain compliant are complicated. There’s trust accounting, state requirements, regulations for record keeping, and more. Failure to stay current can often result in fines or other consequences. An MSP ensures your firm is always current and compliant when rules and regulations change.

Finally, an MSP can provide your firm with a secure cloud environment for data and other resources. You and your staff will never again have to worry about retrieving a forgotten document while in a client meeting or at a court appearance. And if your firm has multiple offices, you can rely on your MSP to keep the cloud synced at all times.

Make the Switch to Managed IT Services

From protecting your firm against cyber threats to real-time IT support, there are many benefits to partnering with an MSP who provides reliable IT solutions. An MSP is an investment into the operations of your firm, helping you stay focused on the work that matters most.

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