Managed Backup

BIZFORCE Real-time IT Support Network

Managed, Monitored Backup Software and Offsite Replication:

  • Robust backup software
  • We schedule and maintain local backups of your entire server
  • Onsite Backup and verification
  • We make sure your backup is successful every day
  • A BIZFORCE technician reviews your backup daily to make sure there were no problems
  • If there were any problem we fix the
  • Offsite Replication and verification  – Up to 1 Tb – bandwidth dependent
  • We replicate your server offsite to our Data Center so if there is a catastrophic failure at your facility we have a copy of your entire server
  • In the event we are not able to recover your server on your site we can bring up our copy up on the cloud in hours
  • A BIZFORCE technician administrates test restores quarterly for further assurance that your backups are working

No Questions Asked, 60 Day, Money Back Guarantee

If you elect to fully participate in our Remote Management and Monitoring and Virus Protection programs for your entire network we will offer you a No Questions Asked, 60 Day, Money Back Guarantee!